Thursday, September 15, 2011

What's going on

I've been home bound.  For a few reasons.  Life keeps going and so do we.  I've been staying home more because if I go out I spend money.  Living on one income has hit us hard and I'm having a hard time adjusting.  But God is continuously proving to me that we are where he wants us.  He has provided for us in areas I never expected.  We are always trying to decide if we should sell our house or not.  It's been a huge stress on me.  To move would mean a bit of a down grade.  I'm okay with that.  But is it the right thing?  Today I had a wonderful lady come and visit.  She prayed over me and prayed words from God.  If we are to sell, she prayed that we would be approached by someone who wants to buy and we will get the price we need.  It seems a bit impossible.  However, we had someone approach us before out of the blue to purchase our house.  And our God is great, so that is simple.  A weight was lifted off me.  I will continue to pray for this.  If no one comes to us, we do not sell.  Simple.  Trust, not simple.
I've been staying home also because I'm dealing with grief still.  I have been struggling with the death of my brother in law.  I've been struggling with how to support my sister.  It hurts me so bad to not know what to do for her.  After meeting with my mentor, she suggested, and I agree; that I need to focus on healing and dealing with my own grief.  Then when my sister does need me and she's ready for my help, I can 100% be there for her and not compromise my own health or mental state.  Still I miss her.  I miss my friend, I miss my sister, I miss the aunt to my kids.  But the time will come when I can be there for her.  Right now, my kids are to much for her, so it's just better I stay away.  She has so much to deal with, the extra noise that comes with me is not helpful.  So for now, I pray for her and the kids, check in with her and pray some more. 

Another reason....potty training.  I am done 2 days of potty training my little girly. 
She is stubborn.  But she is ready.  She has no problem with the potty, does her business when ever I ask her.  But I have to be sure to ask her.  If I don't then like today, we have many accidents. 

I waited until my little man was ready and asked for the potty.  It took 2 days.  This girl is gonna be a little harder.  But I'm not going to waste the 2 days I've spent on this.  I will keep at it.  I have confidence it will kick in and things will be smooth sailing.  It's just been a hard day with all the stresses.
Life goes on, and so do we.  As much as we don't always want to.


  1. still thinking of your family as life goes on and your heartache continues.

  2. Tara - you are a great Mom. I hope you will sense that God is with you in your grief, and that you will look back on this time in your life as I time when you only see one set of "footprints" in the sand - because God is, indeed, carrying you.

  3. Tara, I recently found some of my journals as I was moving into my new study at home. I read my entries from when Peter had died and Yvonne was left a widow with three young children. A last line in one of my entries was, "Lord show me how to be a good friend." God will show you how to be a good sister and will restore things in it's time.

  4. Hey Tara, I know it can be rough when you feel housebound...praying for opportunities for you to be refreshed, even during this season. It's great that you have supportive, spirit-filled people around you at this time. Praying for more of that!