Friday, April 27, 2012

What do you do to remember?

As we were eating breakfast this morning.  My son asked me a hard question.  Out of no where.  We had not discussed this topic for a few days, so I was very surprised.
"Mom, how do you remember Uncle Darren died?"
I told him I am still so sad so I always remember that Uncle Darren has died.
I then asked my son how he remembers.
"Sometimes I have tears in eyes at night when I sleep."
My brother in laws death, 8 months later still deeply effects us all.  Proof of this from my almost 5 year old.
Then he asked me why Uncle Darren had to ride his motorcycle and why was it Uncle Darren who died and not one of his friends.
I was in tears by this point, but the questions were easier to answer.
To be honest, these have been some of the easier questions from my boy.  He's so curious and sensitive.  He's told me many time he wants to visit Uncle Darren in Heaven.  Or asked if Uncle Darren will be protecting him at night when I pray for God's angels to stand guard.
I think it's time to visit Uncle Darren's grave with the kids.  They have not been yet.  But they asked.
Keep praying for our family as we are still deep in grief and trying to understand how our family functions with an important member missing.


  1. Wow, is right. Continued prayer for you ...

  2. Tara, this may be a time for your family or for you and Phil to go for grief is a great way to talk out your feelings with those who have been there.
    Thinking of you....