Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Super Cheater Cinnamon Rolls

My kids love love love cinnamon rolls.  When I can, I make them my no rise cinnamon rolls, but with my kids lack of sleeping in, I have been so tired and not been up to making them lately.

Much to my kids joy, I have discovered an even easier way to make cinnamon rolls!

Enter in Trader Joe's pre made pizza Dough!  Add some cinnamon, butter and brown sugar.  
And my kids are happy!

You really can't get more simple than that.
Turn your oven to 350
Dust your work surface with some flour and roll out the dough into a rough rectangle.  
This is a bit harder when you are tired.
This morning my butter was frozen so I sorta chunked it out onto the dough, 
normally when it's softer I used my hands to spread it out. 
 I think I went a bit overboard with the butter, but it was good.
Then you add the brown sugar and cinnamon, no measurements, sorry!
Gently roll the dough up and cut into pieces with a serrated knife.
When you put the pieces into the pan, you can leave a bit of room between them, 
but they won't rise much more.  
Bake for about a half an hour, but keep on eye on them.  
When they are turning a nice golden brown, they are done.


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