Monday, March 15, 2010


It's been a loooong day. But I still managed to make dinner! YAY ME!

I've been so excited with the renovations we have been planning. I stopped by the lighting store today and left with an idea for my bathroom lighting, but nothing for my kitchen. It will be so amazing to see it finished!
So tonight I made chicken with a Cesar salad. It was yum. I really like this new pan I picked up at Costco
It has the grill on one side and a flat on the other. It's great. I'm thinking of getting another because I just love it so. Two is always better then right?
Anyway, I marinated the chicken in an amazing Italian dressing from a local restaurant. WOW, this was so tasty!

And so easy for a fast dinner. I bought the dressing premade and it was not a favorite of mine, but it was okay.
The kids enjoyed it to


  1. I have that pan, too. It's the PERFECT camping pancake pan!! Makes about 8 pancakes at one time.

  2. I LOVE the pictures of your kids...they are so cute. And, I can't get over Raina's chubby cheeks...they are so squishable. :) We also have a pancake night...and if it were for Dominic, it would be every night. :)