Monday, April 12, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #14 - April 12 - 18

I'm late, I'm late....for a very important date...okay, not really super important. But late for Menu Plan Monday. We have been in chaos. Seriously. I have collected to much. I never thought I was a pack rat, and I'm really not. But one of my issues in dealing with post partum depression has been avoidance. And therefore I have many thing I have been meaning to deal with. Well, my folks spent the week here and some things got done. But it was very overwhelming and humbling. This week my folks are gone and things are not back to normal. We are still in renos, my upstairs bathroom is being torn up. So my brain is just not wrapping itself around MPM very well. goes.....

MONDAY - we had Chili that my wonderful Dad made last week and I managed to freeze a few meals from it!

TUESDAY - I took out a frozen lasagna I made a while ago so that is dinner

WEDNESDAY - Costco Pizza (we are on easy this week)

THURSDAY - Chicken and peppers

FRIDAY - left overs or eggs

SATURDAY - most likely cereal with how I feel right now....or grilled cheese with soup

SUNDAY - Pancakes

Here is my bathroom right now....

to the right you can see my old bathtub is was an old old tub, but the standard size and only 12 inchs fun

Here is my new tub...not that you can really's on it's side..

Here is the wall where the plumbing is being redone....

Here is my little man doing is favorite thing right now...climbing!

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  1. Your menu looks always. :) Can't wait to see how your bathroom will look. I dream of someday owning a bathtub.

  2. You definitely need an easy menu this week! Remodeling is a tough job, but you'll be so happy with it once it's done and you can enjoy it. Hang in there. :)