Thursday, April 15, 2010

Reno Update....

I know...I've been absent. Things are crazy here least until the renos are done, then I'm sure something else will come up.

So I thought I would give you a little update....
Here is our kitchen, oh, I mean is the living room....I know, it's hard to tell what it is other than a storage area

Here is our current eating area...the kids at first thought it was neat to eat outside, but then they complained it was cold when the wind picked up and the rain started...good thing it's covered!

And without a tub I had to improvise. The kids loved it!

My floors will be done tomorrow!

Here is my shy contractor who is doing all the fantastic work for me!

Here my cute kitty Tonka is displaying the new wall color (don't expect to see Tonka when come over....he's very shy)...Dill Pickle


  1. I guess these are moments when you just have to focus on what it will look like, right? And...what a cute picture of my Dad! :)

  2. Your kiddos are looking really cute! Our pshyco cat Hemi looks just like Tonka, except Hemi has some white on him.

    Your house looks very nice with everything going on. My house looks like that on a normal day. Especially since I left hubby and the kids alone for a few days in the house!