Friday, April 16, 2010

Reno Update....FLOORS

After 13 years of the previous kitchen floor..

I'm to excited to introduce you to my new kitchen floor, as modeled by our cat, Blue

The kids are already running around on it

And here is Blue showing you another view....I so love these floors!!

Grandpa Gergen as my little man calls our contractor...he says the name wrong, but it's so cute and reminds me of Gerkins...the pickles...hahaha.
Anyway, Grandpa Gergen was here nice and early to get started and both kids wanted in on the action

My little man kept asking Grandpa Gergen a question, which I was able to translate for him as "Grandpa Gergen, can I please help you"
Here they are discussing the best option on removing my old dishwasher....

I was able to eventually pull both kids away with some crying as they both love Grandpa Gergen and off we went to register my little man for his new preschool next September. I was able to get him into a preschool at a local church not to far from my place so I'm happy about that.
Then a little prebed TV time as Daddy headed into work early for some overtime...

Did I mention Grandpa Gergen also installed my NEW dishwasher! YAY! My other one was also 13 years I'm excited to have a new one. I need to find the instructions however as I locked the buttons and have no clue how to unlock them!! Darn new Dishwasher with all it's fancy buttons!
HEHE, look at those wonderful floors!!
Today all the tiles came for my kitchen and bathroom! The kitchen won't be finished until my counter tops come in...a week or so. But my bathroom is going to be worked on, on Monday. I have a custom tub enclosure being installed on Monday. Old house means some problems and I have to get a custom one, not just an easy install one. And I'm getting tiling done on my walls and that's being started on Monday as exciting!


  1. The floor looks great! I'm sure you will be glad when it is all finished but it seems to be going along quite quickly!

  2. The floors look wonderfully new. Congrats on the new dishwasher too ... I'd dare say it's sounds almost more exciting than Christmas!!


  3. Your new floor looks great! It's all coming along a lot faster then I thought it would.

  4. It looks AMAZING!!! And I love "Grandpa Gergen" too. :)

  5. Wow! What a difference that all makes! It's looking great! Too bad I couldn't actually make it out to your place on Friday to see it in real life! Maybe a "scrapbooking" night another time soon? (I can guarentee you that this time I WON'T be scrapbooking--only visiting!)

  6. I LOVE makeovers!! looking good Tara, I especially like those tiles too. We had them in our old kitchen! :/

  7. Dear Lord, forgive me, for I am coveting Tara's new floor.