Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Happenings around here

Okay, Okay. First off, stop the rumors...I am not expecting a baby. I'm sure everyone had that in the back of their heads. THAT is not the case.

God is pretty funny, or at least HE likes to think He is. When life is going good just as WE planned - God comes and likes to change things up.

So I've made it public that I'm dealing with Post Partum Depression (you can read about my journey here on my blog, here on BC Christian News Online, or if you live in the lower mainland you can pick up a copy of the May 2010 BC Christian News and check out page 3) So enough self promotion.

In dealing with depression, raising two young kids, running a home and working 20 hours a week mostly from home in the evening for Christian Info Society doing the bookkeeping.

I received a phone call on Friday afternoon from my boss. It's a bit complicated; but they let me know that things were changing in the office and either I had to come in the office 4 days a week or something else had to be worked out. I was surprised but not totally. I knew this day was coming. God started working on me a while ago to expect this at some point. I've worked for this company for just short of 10 years...that's almost a decade!

God has given me incredible peace over the decision that has been made. I feel some very important people confirmed it for me and had the weekend to pray about it.

Today, I quit. Really quit. As of noon today, I am done working for CIS. It's sad as I really did enjoy my job. However - it is so clear to my husband and I that this is the next step for us.

I have so many doubts and fears. On paper I don't have a clue how our budget is going to work.

I am so totally excited to be giving my kids my full attention. I will no longer have work nagging at the back of mind of things I need to do and fix or finish or people I need to call. I will no longer have to put my kids off when a phone call comes from the office. I want to make it totally clear that this time working from home was a total gift from God. But now it's time has finished for now.

We have decided to take the summer, enjoy our family. I'm going to work on healing. I can easily make plans and things I want to accomplish. But I'm not going to go crazy with that. I'm going to take it slow. Not overwhelm myself. I only have this time with my kids once. Don't get me wrong there are some things I want to do. But time will tell.

So this news might now seem so super exciting for you, but let me tell you.....it's so very very exciting for me. And I've changed my pants a few times because I'm crapping them worrying about how we will survive on one income.

God is good and I know for a fact that this time is for me to relearn to trust HIM and not be so independent.

So, call me if you want to come for coffee!


  1. Dang it!!! I wanna come for coffee!!! :) Congrats. Marsha

  2. I pray you will be blessed by your decision to be at home full-time and that He will heal you from your depression.

    Thanks for your comment on my post yesterday.

  3. God loves to do that to us. Just like sending me twins after my tubal ligation. His plans always work out though, even when we have no idea how they can.

    I had PPD after each of my pregnancies. I didn't go on anti-depressants the first time, and to this day regret it. I wasn't a good mom during that time. Thankfully I used them after the last 2 for a short time, and it helped.

  4. You are such an inspiration and encouragement to so many people (myself included) and I know that God will bless you for that. I pray that God will reward you for the decision you have made to stay home with your children...it's the hardest, yet most important job there is!! I also pray that money will never be an issue and that everything you do will prosper!!