Thursday, May 13, 2010


So my head has been going. Going and going, planning and scheming. Now that I'm unemployed and a full time stay at home mom my head is going. My first priority has been catching up on laundry.....since Tuesday I've done....oh, I um....just got a load in now, Thursday night. Hmm, so my big plan is just a mini one I guess.

Things will need to change around here. I'll have to REALLY be frugal, not just think I am. But I will now have to REALLY watch the pennies. Without my income we technically will be in the red each month.

But we really have an amazing God and being at home with kidlets is a high calling; not an easy one at all. God is good and He is calling me to put my faith in HIM and to stop trying to make it all work on my own.

Slowly the stress and all things involved with my job are fleeing. It's nice. It will take a bit to get used to this.

This weather has been amazing. It's almost summer and it sure feels like it outside. My kids are loving being outside. My little man wakes up and asks to go on the trampoline first thing.

Today he found some stale timbits and decided he was having his snack on the trampoline

....with his blanket

He is just to darn cute this kid

His sister woke up from her nap soon after the little man was snacking away

And the conversation started regarding the stale timbits

there was a disagreement - words were said

but stale timbits fix it and sibling love is around once more.

Until the stale timbits are gone anyway...

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  1. You have the right attitude now Tara, you can do it!