Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fennel...HUH? And what do you do with that?

I've been enjoying the Garden Box
it's been interesting for me
to cook seasonal
I've come across a few things
I've never cooked

This week Fennel
it smells like licorice
I have no clue what to do with that
I asked Cara who runs the Garden Box
she gave me an idea
I did some searching

Fennel with Butternut Squash and onions
I had a ham on the menu tonight
so I thought this would go well with it
pretty simple
Butternut Squash
salt and pepper
grapeseed oil

cut the top
and bottom off the fennel
it completely smells like licorice
dice it all up
my picture for that was much to blurry to share

cut the butternut squash
in cubes
chunk up the onion
throw everything into the pan
cover with salt and pepper
and the grapeseed oil
toss it all together

bake for 45 - 60 minutes
at 350
stirring a few times until done
it will caramelize a bit
and taste good

I can't say I loved this
it tasted slightly
like licorice
my husband loved it
my little man ate it
with large amounts of milk
to chase it down
the girly would eat it
mixed with her potatoes
so everyone ate it
just not totally willingly

my little man had his first
full day of preschool
so the girly and I
had a photo shoot
she did her own hair


  1. She's SOOOOOOOO cute!! You always have such great ideas. Grapeseed oil...what could be a good substitute? I can't get it here. :(

  2. Ker, I use grapeseed oil instead of extra virgin olive oil. I like the taste better....but extra virgin olive oil works exactly the same and is usually what is called for not the grapeseed oil

  3. Awwww She's such a cutie! :) Licorice? I've never tried fennel, and don't think I ever will now. Thanks for the review.