Monday, September 13, 2010

Sweet & Sour Chicken on Amped up leftover Rice

Today called for
I didn't feel like BBQing
so I changed my plan
I can do that
I'm the one who made the plan
it's fine, honest

I cut up some some chicken breasts
cooked them up in some grapeseed oil
cut up an onion
lots of garlic
some yellow squash
some spaceship squash
and some pattypan squash
it seems that squash is in season
this was all from my Garden Box
I cooked this all up together
when it was done
I added some sweet & sour sauce
yes, I bought the sauce
I did warn you this was easy

I had rice left over
from the fish dish last week
I shredded some zucchini
shredded some carrots
diced up 1/2 an onion
a bunch of garlic
some diced celery
cooked all that up
in some grapeseed oil

This turned out to be very yummy
my little man
and the girly
both loved it
as did the grownups

I let it slip that
ham is on the menu for tomorrow
my husband is very excited
it's nice to know food can make him happy

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