Monday, November 29, 2010

BBQ Beef Sandwiches and a Jesse Tree

I found some frozen
cooked roast beef
in the freezer
I can't recall
when I froze this
I think is was long ago
one of the freezer mystery's
so I made
BBQ Beef Sandwiches
I had no clue how to
but that won't stop me

I put the cooked Roast Beef
into the slow cooker
added a bottle of BBQ sauce
a bit of water
and some mango juice
mostly because it was there
and I thought what the heck
I also added a chopped onion
and put the slow cooker on low
I cooked this for about 6ish hours
be sure to spray you slow cooker
with a non stick spray
I served this on fresh buns
and topped it with a type
of 'slaw' topping
something crunchy
this was left over broccoli slaw
mixed with mayo and asian dressing
it was what I had
and a salad on the side

this was very good
very very good
next time I find
some mystery roast beef
I'll be making this again

Now, you may or may not
have heard of a Jesse Tree
I've heard about it
the last few years
I did a bit of research today
I didn't want to spent any money
but I want to start
some traditions with my kids
to put the focus of Christmas
back on Christ
and off the commercialism
my kids are still young
I would think to young
to understand what a Jesse Tree is
but they are not to young
to understand the gifts
the commercials
and the Santa's
they understand the want of that
so I want to start the Jesse Tree now

I found the Reformed Church of America's
site had good info and pictures
for the kids to color
and the devotional
was done for me
and I that it was written
towards young kids
I felt my kids might
understand this a bit better
this version of the Jesse Tree
started yesterday
so today,
my kids had two ornaments to color

they each must have their own
other wise it would
only be fights
they really enjoyed
doing this tonight
I look forward to seeing
how the month goes
I just took butcher paper
taped it to the wall
and drew a 'tree'
they didn't turn out pretty
I did have 'helpers'

nothing fancy
just simple
and Christ centered

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