Saturday, February 26, 2011

Layered Nachos

My sister in law, her husband
one of their daughters
came for dinner last week
we always do something low key
and I was craving nachos

I cooked up and seasoned
some ground beef
cut up a ton of fresh vegetables
shredded some cheese
and bought my favorite nacho chips

I use a deeper pan
start with the chips
sprinkle the veggies
the meat and the cheese

do a second layer
with more vegetables
meat and cheese

a third layer
to finish off the dish

I baked this until
the cheese was melted
on all layers
then topped it with cilantro

I made some pico de gallo
and some homemade guacamole

put out some extra chips
to catch the goodness
that falls off the baked chips

such a yummy meal
to have once in a blue moon


  1. Yum! We had this for dinner last night! I used pepperoni instead of hamburger this time and it was delish!

  2. Fresh is Best! They're the best! So worth the extra $$.