Monday, April 30, 2012

How does your Garden grow?

Here is my bath old bath tub.  
We have a new one, in the house.  
I couldn't get rid of my old tub.  I wasn't sentimental, I just knew there was something I could use it for.
Here are my 50 little strawberry plants. 
They are just so cute!  
I'm hoping for lots and lots and lots of yummy strawberries.


This is my organic celery, it was tasty.
The below picture is more organic celery, 2 months after keeping it in water then planting it.
The above celery already has some impressive sprouts since I took it's picture last week
it will soon look like it's cousin in the below picture and they will taste yummy

 I'm trying to also grow my organic Romain lettuce
there are some sprouts on them around the center since I took this picture

Blue Lake Pole Beans
I soaked them and then let them sit wrapped in a damp paper towel,
I'm told this is how you do it
I took this picture last week, they are starting to sprout
Today I planted them to sit in my window with the rest of my growing garden seeds

 Here are some of my seedlings.  They really enjoy my south facing windows and are growing well.
We've planted a few different types of tomatoes, broccoli, two types of squash, 
cucumbers, peppers and beets
I'm new to gardening, but I'm excited to see how my garden will grow

And I planted some pretty pansies
They make me smile


  1. I love that you used an old bath tub as a planter! I did the same thing with my lettuce, and planted it in an old charcoal grill. I hate throwing things away, and my husband joins right in with me on reusing things like that. I have yet to try that celery trick, I will definitely be doing that today.

  2. I am so jealous of your deep windowsills - I would have plants in every window. Actually, I probably wouldn't because the cat would knock them down. Still, a gal can dream, right? :)

    Besides the bathtub of strawberries, I adore the wagon o' pansies, too - you're very talented!