Sunday, June 13, 2010

Menu Plan Mondy - June 14

So the week is done and due to my poor planning I didn't manage my menu plan very well. I do think we ate at home most nights but I didn't have everything I needed for my meals so it was frustrating.
Monday - we had pancakes - we really liked this recipe

Tuesday - rather then baked pasta, we had spaghetti

Wednesday - my wonderful Dad made us French Toast and Bacon - YUM

Thursday - Perogies and Farmer Sausage - I don't make the perogies...sorry to disappoint you Kerry, I buy them!

Friday - FINALLY I got to the soup! Carrot, Potato Cheesy Soup

Saturday - We invited ourselves to my sister's for a BBQ
Sunday - lunch at my other sister's and just a snack for dinner

This week are have booked on our calender to go camping, so fingers crossed if we can get it together we leave on Thursday and will be back on Monday. I'm not sure if I'll be able to Blog while we are camping, not sure about the Wi-Fi there.

Monday - Slowcooker Lentils served with Brown Rice, Salad and Naan Bread. My inlaws are coming for dinner

Tuesday - Italian Chicken Soup with crusty bread and cut veggies

Wednesday - BBQ Chicken with Simple Fried Rice (left over from Monday) and Salad

We leave for camping Thursday

Thursday - Turkey Burgers with Salad

Friday - Steak with BBQ Potatoes and Salad

Saturday - Spaghetti with cut up Veggies

Sunday - Pancakes

Monday - BBQ Chicken with Salad

I'm very much looking forward to camping. I hope it works out! Come back to see what's going on here. For more menu ideas check out the organizing junkie.


  1. Awwww, that's what everyone wants to see - how you're roughing it out in the woods and trying to make a fire, put up a tent and burning your food, smile. I guess we'll have to make due with a blog and hopefully some good pictures. Okay.

    Yummy, yummy. You guys ate great this week huh? I'm hungry. Know you had a great too.


  2. Enjoy camping! I do my best menu plans when we are up in the woods.

    I'm quickly realizing that if I don't create a good plan for the week and go do a big shopping trip, I end up at the grocery every few days, and spend way too much on nothing!

  3. Your menu looks great. And, seriously, I can't get over how delicious your perogies look!! Still drooling over them. :) Have fun camping...hope you get great weather!

  4. I love camping! BBQ potatoes? That sounds interesting, hope you can post a recipe.

  5. I love pancakes made from scratch!

    Happy Father's Day!

    I really enjoyed my visit to your blog. Have a great week!

  6. those foods all look really yummy Tara and SWEET hehe. Hope you have a great camping trip!