Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #8

So...last week was somewhat of a bust.....I didn't do to great sticking to the plan. And I can't really remember what I did cook..... We did some running around vehicle shopping and that really didn't do my plan good. But we have a new to us Tahoe and that stress is finished. So fingers crossed things go better this week.

I know that one day I went to Costco and bought the pizza's they had on sale and my husband saw that and so he really wanted pizza for dinner that night

I marinated some chicken in peanut sauce that was discounted and BBQ'd it with some spicy sausage for my hubby and I also BBQ's the sweet potatoes (they turned out amazing!) and BBQ'd some Zucchini and some granny smith apples...SOO GOOD!

We did the freezer meal and we did the beef burritos and the pancakes. We were out vehicle shopping all day on Saturday and didn't even eat dinner, the kids had boiled eggs. So looking back I guess we didn't do to bad after all.

Okay so this week. I've actually already been to the grocery store, tonight, as we were out of milk so I figured I should just do all the shopping there and be done.

Monday - BBQ Chicken and Sweet Potatoes with cut veg

Tuesday - Lasagna with salad. The hubby requested this one and I've not made one for awhile so I'll oblige

Wednesday - the tuna melts from last week that we didn't make

Thursday - Homemade hamburgers with cut veg

Friday - Freezer meal, not sure what yet, I have a few to pick from

Saturday - Babysitting Swap with my friend and we actually get to go out for dinner with out kids! We watched theirs a few weeks ago so now they are watching ours. NICE! And I have a gift certificate to the Old Spaghetti here's hoping it's a cheap night!

Sunday - of course pancakes and fruit...I might do bacon this time

Nothing to crazy. I did buy a bunch of hamburger on sale tonight so Tuesday I plan to make 2 lasagnas a meat loaf and a whole bunch of hamburgers to be able to put it all in the freezer...except the one lasagna of course!

For more ideas check out The organizing junkie for some inspiration

We've had amazing weather here at so today we headed out to the river to fly kites. There wasn't really any wind so we just had a picnic and hung out. It was great!

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