Sunday, February 28, 2010

Menu Plan Monday #9 - First week of March

It's been a crazy few days. Last weeks menu plan started on Tuesday, not Monday. Monday I had a terrible headache all day from a fall onto my back on a rocky shore on Sunday (seems I don't remember how to fly a kite) and I also worked at the office all day. So for me that was enough of a reason for some Chinese food.

But come was great. I had bought 10 pounds of hamburger on sale at the grocery store, so on Tuesday I made 2 lasagnas and 2 meat loafs. I cooked 1 lasagna that night and froze the rest.

On Wednesday I had been marinating some chicken and I BBQ'd that with some sweet potatoes. So Good.

On Thursday I BBQ'd up some homemade hamburgers. I had made up the hamburgers on Wednesday with the remaining 5 pounds of hamburger and froze a dozen of them and saved some to BBQ. The hubby loved them and said it was like a Samba in his those were a score! I didn't make them exactly like the recipe I have listed, but pretty close.

I have no clue what I did on Friday ****UPDATE**** I remember now, we went to my church for the mexico dinner fundraiser. I didn't have a freezer meal, but I can't remember what we did have. Saturday we had dinner out and that was wonderful. No kids yelling or smearing food on me...heaven. And Sunday as it was my birthday and my folks and my oldest sister are both traveling I invited my family over to my other sisters house for dinner, we changed it to lunch so we could watch Canada WIN GOLD in hockey. She cooked a very wonderful Turkey for lunch...yum. And of course I made pancakes for dinner.
This week....

Monday - we invited ourselves over to my sister by loves place for dinner (seems we've done that a few times....hmmm, where else can I invite my family for dinner?)

Tuesday - I've been craving a good BBQ steak and I'll do sweet potatoes with it and salad

Wednesday - Meatloaf from the freezer with brown rice and salad

Thursday - Spaghetti with homemade meatballs from the freezer

Friday - another frozen meal, chicken burrito wraps with cut veg

Saturday - grilled cheese with soup

Sunday - good 'ol pancakes a family fav

nothing to crazy again this week. 3 freezer meals, I guess I'm feeling lazy tonight!
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It was my birthday today and I had a nice day. I was given some new charms for my bracelet from my hubby and my sister gave me some wonderful lotions and a pampered chef mandolin and some candles. And even though I'm not a huge hockey fan (I know, I almost feel unpatriotic saying that), I made sure to watch the Olympic GOLD medal game. WOW. I'm so proud of our Canadian Athletes who gave it there all and did amazing in the Olympics! I'm so so sad I didn't make it into Vancouver to see any of it, but such is the stage of life we are at. GO CANADA!!

Here is the best picture I could get of my girly sporting her Olympic gear!

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  1. Once I'm off bed rest I'm definitely going to freeze some meals...your menu looks amazing AGAIN!!! Good for you for being so organized!